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Stable adult tricycles designed to reduce pedalling risks.

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Inherited passion

Cycling is part of Basque culture, and the ETNNIC project was born in Mondragón in the heart of a family passionate about cycling.

This passion, maintained over 2 generations, has led us to a unique manufacturing process for tricycles that minimise mobility limitations.

We design lightweight sports trikes with an aluminium frame, similar to a conventional bicycle, but providing more stability and offering a comfortable pedalling experience while minimising risks.
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Designed and manufactured with the aim of facilitating the mobility of the population, trying to overcome any obstacle, whether they are mobility problems or have never made use of a conventional bicycle.

Don't let fear hold you back, Etnnic tricycles have double front wheel, which provides great stability, safety and comfort; in addition to a sporty, fresh and striking design that offers the possibility to customize it with a wide range of colours to combine.

You can choose from four main models: "City" our choice for city rides, "Adventure" the mountain adventurer, "Folding" the favourite for small spaces and transport as it is foldable and "Fat" our all-rounder for the wildest routes.
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